What is an ALTA Survey?

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ALTA stands for American Land Title Association while NSPS is the National Society of Professional Land Surveyors. The American Land Title Association is a trade association. They hail to “improve the skills and knowledge of providers in the real property transaction, effectively advocate member concerns, and standardize products for industry use.”

The standards for ALTA surveys are defined by these entities and generally defines the boundary survey while assessing the insurability of the property. An ALTA survey however will also go beyond what a boundary survey provides and define other vital features of a piece of land like easements, zoning and more.

The goal of an ALTA survey is to essentially protect the property owner so they understand the full extent of the land that they own or are purchasing.

Are you stumped on whether or not you need an ALTA survey? Our team is equipped to help you navigate through the process.

Naomi Lugo